Next Border of Experience:

Exploring the Intersection of Emotions, AI and Art.

reDesigning World in Real Time

Enjoy our interactive new Digital Twin world

Users will be able to interact and influence the world around them

You will discover New perspectives

understanding of human emotions

EmotionxTwin enhance communication and emotional connection between people and their environment

cutting-edge technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Machines and computers can replicate human knowledge and actions thanks to a mix of advanced algorithms, computing, and data training techniques.


A creative process employing autonomous systems or algorithms, producing unpredictable and evolving artworks in diverse mediums.

Best Graphic Engines

EmotionxTwin uses avant-garde software platforms, striving for unique realism and product quality, making them integral to advanced visual content creation.


Our generative algorithm employs state-of-the-art computational processes to produce unique and unpredictable outcomes, enhancing creativity and quality of output.

Our Team

Our startup focuses on applying emotional artificial intelligence to modify design objects and environments. We use advanced algorithms to analyse human emotions and translate them into creative and personalised modifications in design objects and environments.

Our system uses a proprietary Emotion-to-World algorithm called Stendhal Code that can analyse facial micro-expressions to write and process shapes of objects and environments. Based on this information, the system can make creative changes to design objects or environments adapting like a mirror to the user’s emotions.

With our exclusive prototyping, we can make changes to the settings, such as lighting, wall colours, decorative elements to create an atmosphere that is emotionally adherent to the user’s taste for beauty, to the user’s maximum satisfaction. We can act vertically on Art, Fashion, Luxury, Object, Interior and Exterior Design, Jewellery, Architecturing, Automotive.

Every person is unique and their taste and expression of beauty may vary. Our system uses machine learning algorithms to understand individual preferences and adapt design changes accordingly. By analysing data collected during interactions, the system is able to evolve on each individual and can create personalised experiences that suit their emotions and tastes.


Our customers can benefit from the unique and immersive experience of co-creating the best of all possible worlds through the integration of their emotions expressed by their surroundings. Emotional modifications to design objects and environments can improve emotional well-being and generate deeper emotional engagement with the spaces and objects around them.


The privacy of our customers is a top priority for us. All data collected is handled in accordance with privacy regulations and is only used to enhance the customer experience. We implement strict security measures with standard and secure cryptography algorithms to protect personal data. In addition we give customers control over the information they wish to share.